The company Magnus Unio LLC was founded in July 2018. Today we are a fast-growing company with two main lines of activity: food and industrial products.

In the field of food, we import and export exclusively high-quality and top grade food products under our own brands and trademarks of our exclusive partners.

The DNA of our company is quality, innovation, health, reliability, flexibility, development.

  • The quality of taste and pleasure is in the first place for us, and this is our philosophy without
    compromise – in our portfolio there are only products that bring true pleasure of taste
  • Innovative products and tastes are our important goal – we strive to acquaint our consumers
    with new pleasant experiences
  • Healthy and wholesome, as well as Organic products are our credo, we care about your
    health closely looking at each new product and manufacturer
  • Reliability and professionalism – this is what we expect from partners and willingly provide
    ourselves, it is important for us what you think about us
  • The flexibility of our company’s approach in cooperation with partners is the result of many years experience of our team in international trade. We are ready for a lot of, if it is beneficial for partnership
  • Non-stop development is our feature and this is what we love, tomorrow together with you
    we will be even better than yesterday

To our company belongs TM Green Life. The product line of TM Green Life today is: Wild canned tuna, Premium flour with a controlled region of origin.
Products of the highest quality from TM Green Life are supplied to Ukraine, from the region of the Middle East and Far East.

Our company is an importer and exclusive distributor in Ukraine: Pure Heart organic energy drinks (Denmark, Pure Heart ApS).

Our partners